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    • Avatar frontman Johannes Eckerström knew exactly what he wanted his band’s eighth album, Hunter Gatherer, to be from the start. “We got our Manowar album out of our system with Avatar Country,” he says of Hunter Gatherer’s 2017 OTT predecessor. “With this one, we wanted to make an aesthetic statement: something darker, something heavier, something more aggressive.”

      It certainly lives up that billing, without losing any of the sonic adventurousness that defined Avatar Country and 2016’s conceptual fable Feathers & Flesh. Hunter Gatherer itself isn’t a concept album, but it does deal with a range of big topics, from mankind accelerating towards its own self-inflicted demise to the catastrophic disregard with which we treat the planet. More than any Avatar album before, Hunter Gatherer is angry. We'll curb some anger with free shipping to US Avatar fans!

      Hunter Gatherer LP + Download Card
    • 12" 180g Single LP 
    • Pressed on Translucent Grape w/Black Marble Vinyl
  • Track List:

    1. Silence In The Age of Apes
    2. Colossus 
    3. A Secret Door 
    4. God of Sick Dreams
    5. Scream Until You Wake 
    6. Child 
    7. Justice 
    8. Gun 
    9. When All But Force But Failed 
    10. Wormhole