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Vinyl LP pressing. The Ethereal Mirror is the second full-length album by British doom metal band Cathedral, originally released in May 1993. It's awesome to see Albums like this being re-pressed as it was absolutely one of my favorites. Disco Doom we called it! And we're shipping it for no charge to the US Metal Heads!


No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Violet Vortex (Intro)" Garry Jennings 1:54
2. "Ride" Jennings, Lee Dorrian 4:47
3. "Enter the Worms" Adam Lehan, Dorrian, David Bianco 6:05
4. "Midnight Mountain" Jennings, Dorrian 4:55
5. "Fountain of Innocence" Jennings, Dorrian 7:13
6. "Grim Luxuria" Lehan, Dorrian 4:46
7. "Jaded Entity" Jennings, Dorrian, Bianco 7:53
8. "Ashes You Leave" Jennings, Lehan, Dorrian 6:22
9. "Phantasmagoria" Dorrian, Lehan, Jennings, Bianco 8:44
10. "Imprisoned in Flesh" Jennings, Dorrian 1:47