Lunatic Soul Through Shaded Woods Vinyl

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The seventh Lunatic Soul album explores Slavic and Scandinavian folk music on its most lustrous and optimistic album to date. 

Limited 2CD mediabook with 20-page booklet and three bonus tracks.
 Limited Green Vinyl as well as Black Vinyl available Nov. 23 2020
Lunatic Soul is the solo studio music project of the multi-talented creator, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Mariusz Duda (Riverside.
Through Shaded Woods is a new opening for Lunatic Soul, with it not only being considered the most refined and richest sounding album, but also the brightest and most positive in their discography to date.
Following the heavily electronic soundscapes of previous albums Fractured and Under the Fragmented Sky, Through Shaded Woods is completely devoid of electronics and is the first album in Duda’s back catalogue on which he plays all instruments.