W.A.S.P. First Blood Last Cuts double Lp

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FIRST VINYL REISSUE OF W.A.S.P.'S 1993 ORIGINAL GREATEST HITS COMPILATION ALBUM FEATURING THE TRACK "SUNSET AND BABYLON" EXCLUSIVE TO THIS ALBUM AND FIVE REMIXES Blackie Lawless launched W.A.S.P. on the unsuspecting world in 1983 and before long tales of their outrageous music and intense stage shows were legendary. Featuring W.A.S.P.'s best songs from their first five albums, First Blood Last Cuts also features a splattering of 90s remixes that give a different feel to these well-known songs. This double vinyl edition, along with its new CD counterpart (SMACDX1157), is the first time that this compilation album has been reissued. It is presented in a wide spine sleeve. "It was all about shock for W.A.S.P. , be it flaming codpieces, tying a semi-naked woman to a torture rack mid-set, tossing raw meat into the audience or Blackie Lawless’ own stupefying arrogance… One thing is for certain, in the annals of metal there are very few bands like W.A.S.P." Metal Hammer