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Watershed is the ninth full-length studio album by the Swedish progressive metal band Opeth. Released by Roadrunner Records, Watershed is the first studio album by Opeth to feature guitarist Fredrik Åkesson and drummer Martin Axenrot, who replaced longtime guitarist Peter Lindgren and drummer Martin Lopez. The artwork for the album was made by Travis Smith(who has created the artwork for eight previous Opeth releases) in collaboration with Mikael Åkerfeldt.[2] The album is currently the band's last studio album to contain death growls or any death metal elements.

No. Title Length
1. "Bark at the Moon" 4:16
2. "You're No Different" 5:49
3. "Now You See It (Now You Don't)" 5:10
4. "Rock 'n' Roll Rebel" 5:23
Side two
No. Title Length
5. "Centre of Eternity" 5:15
6. "So Tired" 4:02
7. "Slow Down" 4:20
8. "Waiting for Darkness" 5:16
Total length: 39:31